Pre-Operation Q & A

Q. How long will I be in the hospital?

A. Most of our patients are able to go home the same day. We allow recovery at the hospital, typically taking about 4-6 hours and then discharge to home. It is very important to "act like a patient" while at home. No cooking, cleaning, or tasks. Put on a restful movie or favorite show and relax as best you can.

Q. How long will surgery take?

A. Most robotic hysterectomies take about 2-3 hours. If there is significant scar tissue or large fibroids, this can sometimes be longer.

Q. Exactly what will be removed? Uterus, ovaries, tubes, cervix?

A. Generally, the uterus, tubes, and cervix are removed. Ovaries are typically left inside unless there are abnormalities. It has been shown that keeping the ovaries intact can have beneficial effects later in life for women and the risk of ovarian cancer is very low.

Q. How will my uterus and cervix be removed?

A. Most of the time, these organs will gently slide through the vaginal opening during surgery. Sometimes, if they are very large, one of your small laparoscopic incisions is enlarged a few centimeters and the organs are safely removed inside of a bag through that incision.

Q. How many incisions will there be in my abdomen?

A. We try to do our surgeries in least invasive way possible! Most procedures have 4-5 incisions that are about the width of your pinky finger (less than 1cm), but sometimes, under certain circumstances your surgery could be done with a single incision in your belly-button. Please feel free to ask us more about this option if you're interested.

Q. Is there a chance that I'll need a larger incision on my abdomen?

A. Yes, but very low. There is typically a 1-2% chance of needing a larger incision (transverse or vertically). If you've undergone previous surgery or have very large fibroids, despite our best efforts, sometimes your hysterectomy cannot be safely done through small laparoscopic incisions. There is also a 1% risk of complications from any surgery that might require a larger incision.

Q. Will I need any preparation before surgery? (enema, stool softener, liquid diet, etc)

A. If able, it is ideal to only consume a liquid diet (broth, jello, juice, protein shakes) for 24 hours prior to the procedure, keeping your bowels clean. You can also buy an over-the-counter laxative to assist in emptying your bowels. This laxative should be taken 24 hours prior to surgery to allow passage throughout the day.

Q. What kind of anesthesia will I have?

A. Hysterectomies are done under general anesthesia and you will not feel or remember the procedure.

Q. If I'm taking BC pills or HRT, do I stop taking them prior to surgery?

A. Unless instructed otherwise, you should continue all of your prior medications right up until surgery.

Q. Will a pathology report be done of all the organs removed?

A. Yes, everything that is removed will be sent to pathology for examination.

Q. How long for the results of the pathology report to come in?

A. Typically about 4-7 days and you will be notified of your pathology report.

Michael Bummer, M.D.

Dr. Michael Bummer

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Dr. John Fisch

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