Post-Operation Q & A

Q. When will I be able to resume driving?

A. 1 week or possibly a bit longer if you don't feel able to move/turn in a safe way.

Q. How long will I be off work?

A. 4 weeks off work is most common. For some very basic office jobs, 3 weeks is possible. And for more demanding jobs, 6 weeks is not uncommon. It is very important not to lift anything over 40lbs for 3 months, and remember, no sexual intercourse for 3 months while your vagina is healing.

Q. Is spotting common after surgery?

A. Yes, light vaginal spotting, either pink, brown, or red, is very common. As long as you're only using a liner or small pad 1-2x/day, this is normal while the vagina heals.

Q. When is my post-op check supposed to be done?

A. Please make an appointment to see us 4 weeks after your surgery.

Q. What medication will I be on for pain in the hospital and when I am home?

A. You should take Motrin 600mg-800mg three times/day for the first 3 days and then as needed. Also, you will have a narcotic pain pill that can be used at the same time for more significant pain control. It is normal to be uncomfortable for the first couple weeks after surgery and you can expect to take pain medication.

Q. My glue is starting to peal and/or I see a small stitch under the skin, is this normal?

A. Yes, the adhesive glue can and will peel in a couple weeks. If it's flaking off, you can gently let it fall off in the shower. If you notice a small stitch or string in your incision, this is also normal and should not be pulled or removed until you see us at your 4 week postop check.

Q. If I'm constipated, can I use a stool softener or laxative?

A. We believe that Colace 100mg twice a day (available over the counter) can help soften stools safely. We would rather you avoid a laxative unless instructed by us specifically. It is important while taking Colace to drink lots of fluids, as it pulls extra liquid into the bowels.

Q. If my ovaries are being removed, when will I start hormones (HRT)?

A. Please talk to us about this prior to surgery. Many times if you are over 50 years old and ovaries are removed, we will not prescribe hormone therapy. If under 50 years old, if both ovaries are removed, you may need a hormone pill.

Q. When can I return to the gym? When can I return to horseback riding, biking, running?

A. 3 months for most workout routines and vigorous exercise. However, brisk walking can start after 4-6 weeks as you feel comfortable.

Q. I've heard that there is a problem with gas after surgery and have been told that over-the-counter medicines such as Gas-X can help. Is it OK if I take some along to the hospital with me?

A. Yes, these medications are acceptable for mild discomfort.

Q. What are the restrictions for any sort of sexual activity after surgery? Is external stimulation allowed and if so, how soon? When can intercourse be resumed?

A. Sexual intercourse with penetration should wait 3 months after surgery. External stimulation is allowed after 6 weeks and should not interfere with vaginal healing.

Q. What are serious symptoms that I should be worried about postoperatively? When should I call the office emergency phone number?

A. If any of the following are true:
• Fever over 100.4
• Severe abdominal pain that is not improved with pain medication
• Severe nausea for over 4 hours, not keeping liquids down.
• Heavy vaginal bleeding that saturates a pad (flow similar to a heavy period)

Michael Bummer, M.D.

Dr. Michael Bummer

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